What is a Landing Page anyway?

The goal of a landing page is to convert prospects who see your website, and turn them into leads.

You want to attract your reader’s attention and get them to take the particular action you want them to take.

 Their action makes the conversion.

You can use a landing page to ramp up your inbound marketing strategy by capturing information about the people who visit your website. This will help you understand them, market to them and make sure they’re a good fit for your product or service.

You want your reader to think, “Yes, I want to learn more!” You might ask them to register for a free webinar. Or you could create an offer such as a white paper or a case study that they need to click a button to download. This click is measurable and is considered a conversion.

Used as a home page or a stand-alone page, a landing page is a focused webpage page offering useful content. It should clearly identify your business and state your offer. And whatever offer you may have, your aim is to get as many quality leads as possible.

Your landing page could be enhanced with images, videos or other engaging material that helps the reader through to your call to action. You demand your prospect’s full attention, and you guide them through to the end of the page without leaving. Your goal is to get them to click through to the next part of the buying process.


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