How a Press Release could help boost your bottom line

 If you think press releases have gone the way of the Dodo, you’re wrong. There’s been quite some talk about their demise, but actually, thanks to the age of new media, it’s quite the contrary.

…pass it on!

Although not technically a marketing device, a press releases is an excellent marketing tool. Originally designed to communicate a newsworthy happening to journalists in hopes they would use the topic to write about in their publication, now with the help of the Internet, press releases also target the end-consumer. Many distribution sites rapidly share the press release helping to bring attention to your story, and your company.

As an inexpensive way to gain visibility, a press release can also establish you as an industry expert. This not only helps build your customer’s trust in you which is likely to result in more sales, but it’s also good for public relations. Getting known in the sustainable development industry means you could be the one who’s asked to comment on a particular story related to this fast paced field. And don’t forget investors keep an eye on the news too. Having them read about the successes and advancements of your business could mean you’d look like an attractive investment opportunity.

3 important things to remember when it comes to a press release:

  1. Don’t promote your business directly. It’s not an advertisement.
  2. Suggest how your business benefits the reader.
  3. Make sure you follow the standards on submitting your press release.

Distribute a press release if you’ve recently:

  • Opened a new business
  • Launched a new product
  • Won an award
  • Spoken at an event
  • Partnered with another business
  • Published a book
  • Have a prediction about what’s in store for sustainable development


Remember, every time your name appears in the media, you get free publicity and a big credibility boost. 

And, you can leverage that media coverage in your own marketing materials and on your website to highlight your expertise to help sell your product or service to new customers.

Think about:

  1. Who you want to reach
  2. What you want to say
  3. Who you’re going to tell


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