How a great Sales Letter can help grow your profits, faster

Let’s be honest.

It’s what goes into a sales letter that can make or break your chances of winning a sale. But knowing the magic formula can really increase your odds.

One. Two. Three.

Allow me to step you through my process.

  1. It’s no secret that one of the most important things about a sales letter is its headline. If it ain’t catching anyone’s eye, you can forget it!
  2. Then comes the lead. And this must be so intriguing, that you’re reader’s won’t want to miss what you’re about to tell them.
  3. Next comes your promise. You have to know what’s really important to your audience, and make your offer so good that your reader won’t be able to resist. Especially after proving to them about how your product or service will be able to deliver on all your claims. When they find out it’s something that’ll help fix their problem, they’ll want to keep reading.

But that’s all pretty standard stuff. What you really need to understand is what makes a good sales letter great.

It’s a kind of magic

At first glance, sales letters look relatively simple. But there’s actually a certain magic involved that most people don’t see. There’s a formula that can be used, that I’ve learned from some very renowned copywriters. And when you get this formula right, you’ll see an immediate improvement in sales.

By this, I’m talking about product positioning. In an overcrowded market, you have to get noticed. And you have to be able to shine through all the green-washing tactics that are putting our whole industry at risk. Good positioning makes your prospect want your product or service. And working out what makes you unique goes a long way toward this process.

There’s a couple of things that you should know about this formula. It has two parts. First, there are four specific questions I’ll ask you that gets you thinking more deeply about your product or service. We have to figure out what will make you memorable to your target audience. And second, we’ll fit that information in a particular sentence structure, or “formula”. This sentence will help position you to connect better with your audience.

It might sound vague now, but… you’ll soon discover how a sales letter based on this magic formula can help you get the results you want, faster!


Contact me today and we’ll talk about how I can help you achieve those results.