You’ll be pleased to know you’re in the right place to find a professional freelance copywriter dedicated to making business more sustainable.

I help sustainable businesses increase their market share and help grow their profits by connecting them to their audience in a way that makes sense.


I make sustainability the logical choice.

But to be the solution, you have to know the problem. The specific problem. The one that keeps your customer awake at night.

I will match your sustainable solution to your customer’s business needs, by making sustainability personal.

Good copy educates and attracts customers, builds relationships, offers evidence, and crushes doubts. Its purpose is to ultimately lead the reader to make the purchase. If you’re here, it’s likely that you not only need a good copywriter, but one who understands the importance and value sustainability has in business and to the planet. Someone who gets what you’re all about.

I am confident that we can move towards a more sustainable future. Because in my opinion, we simply have to.

But I believe it starts with better business…

…and that’s easier said than done.

As you know, sustainability is not easy to sell.

Many have tried.

And many have failed.

That’s why you need a copywriter who tirelessly thinks about ways of making sustainability personal. Someone who cares about the future of the planet and someone who also knows that business owners like to see their profits explode.

So what’s the secret?

The right words must be used.

I understand how important collaboration is in this business. So I help sustainable businesses form relationships by writing clear and engaging B2B marketing materials for the web, including white papers, case studies, and other benefit-driven content.




Susan Allan


 The thing about Susan is…

 “I have known Susan Allan for many years and also had the pleasure of job sharing with her during our years living in Shanghai, China. Susan, in my mind, is strong willed, not afraid of a challenge, exceptionally honest & trustworthy.”

Lynn Stevens, Real Estate