Green can be hard to sell. 


And it can also be hard to buy.  As someone who buys sustainable products, I know this first hand.


If you sell sustainable products, maybe you’re tired of your efforts falling on deaf ears. 

Or maybe businesses have trouble finding your products?

It’s not uncommon. A lot of companies struggle with this. If you feel like you’re not reaching the right audience, the customers who care, the ones who appreciate what you do, or why you go the extra mile to do it, make your connection personal by showing them how your product simply makes sense.


This is where I can help you.

I’m Susan Allan, founder of Greenstone Copywriting.

I write personal, no-hype, B2B copy and content
to help you grow your sustainable business faster.

I specialize in writing white papers, case studies, and other marketing content for sustainable business marketers.

We’ll reach your market with no-nonsense copy that helps your customer in a way nothing else does. We’ll help them stand out. We’ll give them the edge. We’ll help them solve their problem, and help grow their business, with your sustainable product. Because we’ll make it personal.



“Susan is very passionate about the environment and providing a safer, greener future. When it comes to her work, she is incredibly detail orientated and is a perfectionist that is very driven to pleasing client needs and providing a “top-notch” service.”

Samantha Mangieri, Publishing