About Susan Allan


 Copywriter, sustainability enthusiast,
and hopeless over thinker.


“This is how it began…
and why I’m so driven to help you.”


Growing up in New Zealand, I developed a keen sense of appreciation for my surroundings. Clean air and water go a long way in life. Things that I would later come to understand that many around the world don’t have.

I never intended to become a copywriter.

In 2000, I began my education as a student of Information Technology at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand. Three years later, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, and a brain that was rewired for looking at things differently. Aside from learning about motherboard components, the fundamentals of operating systems, the language of code and the Software Development Life Cycle, I was taught to think. I was taught to question. And I was taught to improve.

Life through a different lens…

Shortly after graduating, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to live in China. We went for his job and as many “trailing spouses” find, it’s often difficult to get work in the qualified area. But I took on roles such as IT teacher assistant, Executive Assistant, technical writer, and proofreader. I didn’t know it at the time, but these roles helped me to acquire my current copywriting skills. And my environment helped shape how I think about things now. One of the biggest advantages that living in another country provides, is being able to see things from a different point of view. Probably the most important skill in being able to help you.

The things I saw and experienced daily while living in a city of 20 million people, will remain etched in my mind forever. My environment showed me the permanence of everything we make and how much of everything there is in the man-made world we live in. It showed me the impact humans have on the planet.

Becoming a parent also helped to shape my perspective. Things that don’t seem to matter so much before, matters a whole lot more when you have a child. Living in such an environment, I had to pay close attention to air quality, water quality and safe food for the well-being of my family. The sprawling industrial landscape made me question many, many things. I learned that my buying choices had consequences. I realized that something’s out of balance and it needs to be restored. But how? And who?

Choosing to be productive about what really ticks me off…

I spent a lot of time learning about what I could do. I harnessed the powers of my tendency to overthink and really dug deep. I worked out what really ticks me off and thought about ways of improving it.

Given the current scientific predictions about modern climate change, I know the situation is getting pretty urgent. For many, the life-threatening consequences will be seen before we have any chance of slowing its rapid force, if we continue to chip away at the problem at our current pace.

I realized…

…it’s what we spend our money on that is at the eye of this storm.

I always appreciated the opportunity to write and thought about how I could leverage that skill and turn it into something of value for others. I examined the argument about having to choose between a good economy and a good environment. It’s a difficult situation with both sides having a good argument. But I decided to spend my time searching for a win-win instead.

I learned about business. I learned about the environment. I learned about writing.

That’s when I realized, that was it! The day clarity turned up at the door was a very good day…

I would become a writer who specializes in helping companies sell green products to other companies. 

So that’s why I’m so vested in seeing you succeed. Because when you succeed, so do I.

As do the children of today, and the next few generations that follow.

As does our planet. 

If you share a similar view, contact me today. I’d love to help your vision become a reality too.





Susan Allan