Drive more traffic to your website with Articles

Want to keep your readers interested and turn them into buyers?

Add some articles to your website!

Your readers want to know that you are passionately committed to your niche. Providing industry insight and knowledge about your chosen field will help your readers see you as the experts. But knowing what to write about can often be the hardest part.

Main benefits of adding articles to your website:

  • They’re an easy way to gain credibility in your field
  • They can drive quality traffic to your website

6 places to look for inspiration when writing articles:

  1. Your inbox
  2. Book covers
  3. Interviews
  4. Conversations
  5. Your own experiences
  6. The media

Checklist for Writing Articles

I have a checklist I use when writing articles. Here are some tips from that checklist you might also like to use.

  1. Make sure you keep a record of all your ideas in a master file so that they are there when you need them.
  2. The most important thing to keep in mind when writing articles is to make sure you provoke a useful thought or feeling in your reader.
  3. Make sure you know exactly where your article is headed, and make sure every word you write supports your message. You need to be very clear in your own mind what exactly you want your reader to do, such as visit your website, download your white paper, or feel inspired by your idea.
  4. Think about how your article will help your reader. Aim for at least 6 benefits.
  5. Answer questions you think your reader will have.


Articles are a great way to communicate with your audience, and they help to keep up with the high demand for new content on topics of high interest to your readers.

Oh, and one last thing…

Search engines love great content!


If you have an idea for an article and need help writing it, or if you already know this stuff but don’t have time to write, contact me today and we’ll discuss ways I can help you.