Case studies are stories that sell

Do you have a story you want to share? Maybe you’ve helped a business achieve a specific goal, and your business was instrumental in their success. You know this is gold when it comes to promoting your own business, but how do you do it effectively?

Enter, the Case Study.

At its core, a case study is a “before and after” story. It’s a B2B marketing piece otherwise known as a “Success Story” and it examines a specific company and highlights its experience with your product or service. It includes quotes from a key person at that company and is designed to explain how your solution helped them.

A two-page glimpse of how your business helped your customer overcome their problem, a case study outlines:

  • who the customer is
  • why they needed your solution
  • their experience in using your solution
  • the benefits and their results

When you think about your audience, such as buyers of products or services, especially corporate buyers, you might realize they don’t typically have a lot of time. They look for better, faster ways of making good decisions. Complex business situations make it difficult to fully understand needs and problems. Sometimes, they may not even know there is a problem, but realize their goals are not being met. They look for easy solutions, and want marketing pieces such as white papers and case studies to help them fully understand their problem and figure out viable ways to solve them.

Why do case studies work so well?

  1. People are naturally drawn to stories
  2. They prove your success and give you more credibility
  3. They are excellent at getting media coverage

The point of PR involvement in B2B is to get client stories published in the media. Case studies dramatically increases your chances of your story being published. Stories are relatable and are more easily digestible than reading pages of technical details or specifications. PR firms recognize this and pick up on why your product or service is the best out there – because in just a couple of pages, you can prove how you’ve helped your customer overcome their challenge or improved their situation by using your solution.


Tell me your story. I’ll capture the essence of your business, your values, and your mission and turn it into a story that’s never been told before.